Gift Certificates

How do the gift certificates work?

  • You click the purchase certificate button to begin the process
  • Select the amount to purchase from the available, per person prices(see below), but do not book a date/time
  • Personalize the voucher with your own message and images
  • You receives a voucher that you can print out and include in a gift card
  • The person receiving the gift visits the web address printed on the voucher, and books a date/time

Available gift certificate amounts
You may purchase a certificate amount equivalent to anywhere from 1 to 6 players (per-player price may change without notice). However, even if you purchase a certificate for 1 player, if you make a reservation for more than 1 person the full value of the certificate can be applied towards your reservation.

Also note that you may use the voucher towards any experience at The Entrapment. So if you purchase a voucher for 4 people for Fogmore Manor, you can use the amount towards payment of The Bayou, or any other experience at The Entrapment. Because each room may have a different price per player we are simply offering you some preset, useful values.

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