Fogmore Manor will be closed through the end of January to accommodate our new holiday over, The 12 Puzzles of Christmas.

The 12 Puzzles of Christmas
The 12 Puzzles of Christmas is a brand new, puzzling holiday room. This festive, fun, experience takes place inside Fogmore Manor but has ALL NEW PUZZLES and STORY. You’re invited to the cottage on White Pass Peak, where “The Keeper” watches over the Book of Holiday Cheer. But the book is running low on cheer, so it’s up to you to accept the challenge and confront the many whimsical contraptions the book has devised. Will you be up to the task? All new puzzles. All new story. Holiday fun for everyone.
This s a 90 minute experience with LOTS to do, so round up your gang of at least 4 and come join us for this limited time event.
  • Number of players: 4 – 8 (all bookings are private)
  • Time: 90 Mintues
Fogmore Manor is currently unavailable as our holiday overlay “The 12 Puzzles of Christmas” is using this space. It will return in 2021.
The Disappearance at Fogmore Manor (60 Minutes)
Also available as a virtual, online experience. Visit our virtual portal
In part one of the Fogmore saga you open your eyes to find yourself in a dark room. Lightning flashes, illuminating the stained glass windows, and the crackling fire casts dancing shadows over the strange and mysterious artifacts scattered around the manor drawing room. A flickering candle and a scribbled note from your missing business partner are all you can see.
So begins your experience in Fogmore Manor.  Are there really spirits inhabiting the strange artifacts here?  More importantly, if there are, are they trying to help you escape or trap you forever?
You have 60 minutes to follow the trail left by your vanished business partner. Will you find him, or will the same fate befall you when the clock strikes midnight?
Technology, story, theme, and puzzles unite in an unforgettable experience.
  • Number of players: 3 – 6
  • Time: 60 Minutes

Groups up to 8 may be accommodated if you are unable to split into smaller groups. Send us an email to or give us a call at (858) 848-6539 if you have a larger group.


“I loved it! Definitely one of my favorite escape rooms ever!”

“… it has been by far the best room I’ve ever experienced.”

“The technology involved was sort of mind-blowing.”

The Bayou: Legend of the Midnight Raven (90 Minutes)
The Bayou
The second part of the Fogmore saga will take you deep in the bayou where a secret lies sunken beneath the murky waters. A secret that has haunted the Fogmore family for over 100 years. The legends of black magic and mystical portals can’t be real, can they? Could Martin Fogmore’s crimes and his beloved Emily’s curse be real?
Tread lightly on the creaky dock and approach the weathered shack cautiously, but don’t believe everything you hear. No one, and nothing, is as it seems and the next twist in this story may be your last.
The Bayou is a 90 minute adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  Will you uncover the truth behind the Midnight Raven, or get lost in the swamps forever?
  • Number of players: 3 – 6 (4 or more players recommended)
  • Time: 90 Mintues


London Fog: The Mists of Time (75 Minutes)
The third part of the Fogmore saga will take you back to the unexpected beginning of the Fogmores and their connections to mystical antiques.

It’s your first day on the job at Bryant and Cyril’s Mystic Antiquities and you’re off to meet Cyril at a warehouse they have inherited from a mysterious relative. But when you find a 100 year old letter from Cyril you suddenly find yourself in another time and place, and a shadowy organization that’s up to no good will do anything to prevent you from escaping the past and saving the future.
Number of players: 3 – 7 (5 to 7 players strongly recommended)
Time: 75 Mintues