Bloodmore Manor

Bloodmore Manor
Bloodmore Manor returns this October for safe Halloween fun. This spooky experience takes place inside Fogmore Manor but has ALL NEW PUZZLES and STORY.
Your experience begins when you arrive at the offices of Bryant & Cyril’s Mystic Antiquities to find no one is around and all the lights are out. One of Bryant’s cursed antiques has been let loose and is wreaking havoc in the offices and soon you find yourself fighting for your lives as the Talisman of Shadows toys with your fears.

All new puzzles. All new story. Simulated gore and some startling surprises.

Bloodmore Manor is a frightening, 60 minute escape room experience. Will you survive?
  • Number of players: 3 – 8 (all bookings are private. 4 players strongly recommended)
  • Time: 60 Mintues