Dig deeper into the Fogmore family saga
Dig deeper into the Fogmore family saga

But remember, some things are better left buried.

The Bayou: Legend of the Midnight Raven

The antiquities of Fogmore Manor are waiting
The antiquities of Fogmore Manor are waiting

Will you be ready?

Find the clues
Find the clues

Survive the story.

Escape the everyday world.

Then escape ours!

Your mind is the key to escape!


Now accepting reservations for all rooms, including our newest room London Fog: The Mists of Time.
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Reservations for our virtual, online escape room are currently unavailable due to our Halloween and upcoming Holiday overlays. Fogmore Manor will return in January 2021. Check out our new virtual escape room portal for all the details.
Introducing TUESDAY TWOS
Play Fogmore Manor or The Bayou with just 2 players on Tuesdays.
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-Friends and Family-

Wondering what to do in San Diego? Maybe it’s a night out with friends, a birthday surprise, or family from out of town? Perhaps it’s your month to host book club and you want something different?

Mystery, intrigue, and puzzles are waiting!

–Reserve Your Fun Now–


The Disappearance at Fogmore Manor

2-6 players, 60 minutes

Enter the long abandoned Fogmore Manor during
a growing storm in search of your
missing business partner. But be careful, not all the
spirits that inhabit the mystical antiques in this
house are friendly.

–Explore the Manor–

The Bayou: Legend of the Midnight Raven

 3-6 players, 90 minutes

Journey to the bayous of the deep south in search of the origins of
the Fogmore Family and the legend that surrounds them.
But remember, some things are better left buried.

–Explore The Bayou–

London Fog: The Mists of Time

It’s your first day at Bryant and Cyril’s Mystic Antiquities and you’re off
to meet Cyril at a warehouse they inherited from a mysterious relative.
But an impossible letter and an ancient artifact send you on an adventure
in the past in an effort to save the present.


-Team Building Challenges-

Looking for unique team building in San Diego? Something where working together and having fun go hand in hand? The Entrapment was designed with teamwork in mind. Treat your fellow co-workers to an outing they won’t forget.

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Welcome to The Entrapment

“Fun, unique, and inventive puzzles. Not your average escape room.” -Ed (Facebook)
“This was only my second escape room in SD, but it was heads and shoulders above the other one I tried. The best part was the use of technology in the room.” -Joyee (Yelp)
“Increasingly challenging puzzles that are fun and interesting to solve. Best escape room we played in San Diego so far.” – Wendy (Facebook)

-The Entrapment-
The Entrapment is a live escape game in San Diego, California where you are part of the story. As events unfold you are drawn deeper into the mystery and quickly realize you’ll need your wits and some quick thinking if you want to escape.
The Entrapment is great for a friends night out, a family activity, or a unique birthday party. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and although creepy, the content of The Entrapment is suitable for all ages.
For more details about our rooms, check out the full descriptions and ROOM FAQ.

Be Sure and check out our BLOG for photos of our latest guests, updates about our new room, and The Entrapment In The News

-Our Strengths-
  • Over 20 years puzzle building experience
  • Unique, custom built puzzles using the latest technology
  • Immersive story, theme, and special effects

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Play with just 2 players on Tuesdays
Now you can play Fogmore Manor or The Bayou with just 2 players on Tuesdays....
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What is an escape room?


Escape rooms were introduced in Japan around 2008 and have been popular in Eastern Europe for many years. The Escape Room term comes from the fact that guests are locked in a room and must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock the door and escape. Over the years the activities and implementations of the rooms have changed, but the term escape room has stuck.

At The Entrapment we want our escape room to be so much more than an old office filled with random puzzles, so we draw our participants into the game with a backstory before they even enter the room. We then transport the players to another place and time with a custom built, interactive environment. Into that setting we built technology and puzzles that blend seamlessly into the surroundings, incorporating lighting, sounds, props, and everything else needed to completely immerse our participants in the experience.