Technology. Story. Puzzles. Atmosphere. What we do and how we do it sets us above the rest. (See FAQ below for more info)

Bloodmore Manor – Limited time Halloween Event
Bloodmore Manor is an all new Halloween experience inside Fogmore Manor. Your experience begins when you arrive at the offices of Bryant & Cyril’s Mystic Antiquities to find no one is around and all the lights are out. One of Bryant’s cursed antiques has been let loose and is wreaking havoc in the offices and soon you find yourself fighting for your lives as the Talisman of Shadows toys with your fears. All new puzzles. All new story. Simulated gore and some startling surprises.
Bloodmore Manor is a mildly-frightening, 60 minute escape room experience. Will you survive?
  • Number of players: 3 – 8 (all bookings are private. 4 players strongly recommended)
  • Time: 60 Mintues
The Disappearance at Fogmore Manor (60 Minutes)
In part one of the Fogmore saga you open your eyes to find yourself in a dark room. Lightning flashes, illuminating the stained glass windows, and the crackling fire casts dancing shadows over the strange and mysterious artifacts scattered around the manor drawing room. A flickering candle and a scribbled note from your missing business partner are all you can see.
So begins your experience in Fogmore Manor.  Are there really spirits inhabiting the strange artifacts here?  More importantly, if there are, are they trying to help you escape or trap you forever?
You have 60 minutes to follow the trail left by your vanished business partner. Will you find him, or will the same fate befall you when the clock strikes midnight?
Technology, story, theme, and puzzles unite in an unforgettable experience.
  • Number of players: 2 – 6 (you may be grouped with other players, although it does not happen frequently)
  • Time: 60 Minutes

Groups up to 8 may be accommodated if you are unable to split into smaller groups. Send us an email to or give us a call at (858) 848-6539 if you have a larger group.


“I loved it! Definitely one of my favorite escape rooms ever!”

“… it has been by far the best room I’ve ever experienced.”

“The technology involved was sort of mind-blowing.”

The Bayou: Legend of the Midnight Raven (90 Minutes)
The Bayou
The second part of the Fogmore saga will take you deep in the bayou where a secret lies sunken beneath the murky waters. A secret that has haunted the Fogmore family for over 100 years. The legends of black magic and mystical portals can’t be real, can they? Could Martin Fogmore’s crimes and his beloved Emily’s curse be real?
Tread lightly on the creaky dock and approach the weathered shack cautiously, but don’t believe everything you hear. No one, and nothing, is as it seems and the next twist in this story may be your last.
The Bayou is a 90 minute adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  Will you uncover the truth behind the Midnight Raven, or get lost in the swamps forever?
  • Number of players: 3 – 6 (all bookings are private. 4 players strongly recommended)
  • Time: 90 Mintues



  • Is it scary?
    • Bloodmore Manor, our Halloween inspired room, is mildly scary. There are some “loud noise” scares, darkness, creepiness, simulated gore, and surprises.
    • Fogmore Manor is creepy and atmospheric, but not scary. There will be darkness, lightning, and thunder, but nothing that could be considered horror .
    • The Bayou is very atmospheric but not creepy or scary.
  • Since both rooms are different parts of the same story, do I need to experience Fogmore Manor prior to The Bayou?
    • The short answer is that you can experience the rooms in either order.  While The Disappearance at Fogmore Manor takes place prior to the events of The Bayou, and that is the intended order, both stories build off one another no matter which one you play first.
  • How long do we have?
    • In Fogmore Manor you have 60 minutes to follow the clues and escape.
    • In The Bayou you will have 90 minutes.
      • In both cases expect to spend 30 minutes over the stated time at The Entrapment.
  • How difficult is it?
    • Fogmore Manor is great for both first time teams as well as advanced. There is a lot to do in the manor so moving forward is important. It’s hard to explain in any more detail without giving too much away. Most escapes occur in the last 10 minutes of the experience.
    • The Bayou is as challenging as you wish to make it, with a wide range of puzzles. The story evolves as you progress and you are provided with the tools to either get more info, or figure it out for yourself.
  • What should I wear?
    • NO FLIP-FLOPS OR OPEN TOED SHOES PLEASE. This is especially true in The Bayou.
    • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for bending, kneeling, and standing
  • Can I bring food and/or water inside?
    • Due to the sensitive nature of the technology inside the room, you will be asked to leave any food or beverage in the waiting area.
  • Are there restrooms available?
    • Yes, and we suggest using them. Once the experience begins, you won’t want to leave the room until the experience is over.
  • Is there parking available?
    • Yes, there is limited parking immediately in front, as well as parking on the street.
  • Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?
    • Fogmore Manor is wheelchair accessible apart from one small section that may require someone else to enter.