Bloodmore Manor

October 1st through October 31st (LAST CHANCE – FINAL YEAR)

You enter the offices of Bryant & Cyril’s Mystic Antiquities for your tour only to find the place dark. A candle in the lobby is your only light as you walk the halls searching for the owners. Suddenly there’s a loud noise and a television springs to life. The Talisman of Shadows has been released and you are about to become its next victim.

Welcome to Bloodmore Manor, a spooky, Halloween overlay of our Fogmore Manor escape room.
All new puzzles are intertwined with a frightening new story to provide a challenging , safe escape room experience.

Will you solve the mystery and escape, or will your souls be captured forever?

Reservations open September 1st. This will be the final Halloween to experience Bloodmore Manor as an entirely new experience will be coming next year.